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Donkey Welfare Symposium Videos!

Lectures and demonstrations from the 2019 Donkey Welfare Symposium

Lectures and demonstrations from the 2018 Donkey Welfare Symposium

Lectures and demonstrations from the 2017 Donkey Welfare Symposium

Lectures and demonstrations from the 2015 Donkey Welfare Symposium

Finally, the complete notes and videos from the Donkey Welfare Symposium past conferences is edited and available online or as a DVD set (2014 only) ready to ship!
If you are a donkey admirer (and who isn’t), or a veterinary professional who works with donkeys this set is a must!

Starting in 2013 the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Animal Science Department, the International Animal Welfare Training Institute, and the Donkey Sanctuary (Sidmouth, UK) have hosted the Donkey Welfare Symposium (DWS) at the campus of the University of California, Davis. The DWS is the world’s only meeting specifically focusing on the health and welfare of the donkey. Topics of the lecture, laboratories, and demonstrations have covered a great many aspects of the biology, medicine, surgery, care, history, and uses of these wonderful animals. Fascinating presentations have focused on donkey’s unique behavior, their early domestication, their place in world agriculture, and the expanding use of donkeys as therapy animals for humans. Additionally, at the DWS veterinary scientists lecture on infectious and contagious diseases, drug therapy, surgery, dentistry, skin cancer, hoof care, and the all-important area of proper nutrition. Always, the Symposium recruits the most authoritative speakers from all over the world, with the goal of presenting the most advanced information in a way that will be useful to everyone from private donkey enthusiasts to practicing veterinarians. The wealth of experience that these experts share each year has finally been compiled in to a DVD set, which includes the lecture notes from 2013 and video footage from 2014 lectures and demonstrations. Much of this information can be found nowhere else, and the incredible scope of the expertise makes this an essential resource for anyone who loves and works with donkeys. Over 12 hours of Video.

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