for the love and health of donkeys everywhere

2020 Schedule (subject to change)

Friday October 30

8:00 AMAlex ThiemannFasciola hepatica
8:30 AMKathryn SchoeneckerFeral burros: distribution of resources
9:00 AMSara KingDonkey behavior in a horse's world
9:30 AMAlfonso Lopez Campaign to ban the sale of “Ejiao” in the United States
10:00 AMAbelardo Morales‑BricenoThe donkey and mule necropsy: an update
10:30 AMMaria PintoBias, cognitive skills and personality in the miniature donkey
11:00 AMEmma OrthDevelopment of a pain indicator scale in donkeys
11:30 AMSara JereleSurvey of inflammatory markers and virus frequency in burros removed from Death Valley
12:00 PMCindy DavisIsla case report: Cindy's experiences with training the donkey rescued from the island in Lake McClure
12:30 PMDerek KnottenbeltDermatology
1:30 PMAlex ThiemanPreventative care that works for owners and vets
2:30 PMBojia Endebu DugumaEthiopia working with diverse stakeholders including academia, research, development actors, equine charities and the ministry
3:00 PMBen HartAssessing training methods and advice to ensure an ethical approach to donkey and mule training

Saturday October 31

8:00 AMAmy DumasWild Horse & Burro Protection
8:30 AMJack HambyHow BLM determines carrying capacity in HMA's
9:00 AMLaura SnellEconomics of wild horses and burros on the range
10:00 AMErick LundgrenDeath Valley Donkey research
11:00 AMWilfred OdadiDonkeys and cattle in Kenya
11:30 AMJavier Navas GonzálezSustainable Donkey Genetics
12:30 PMWayne LinklaterThe future with equids, reconciliation science
1:30 PMJohn LinnellRewilding Kulans
2:00 PMAndrea HarveyPopulation growth rates in wild equines
2:30 PMDanielle CalermajerThe Fate of the Illegal Donkey
3:00 PMAarian WallachInvisible megafauna
3:30 PMAntonio AgairNordestino Donkeys Brazil
4:00 PMJorge LohseFeral donkeys in Chile
5:00 PMPatricia MoehlmanWild donkeys in Africa
6:30 PMMary KoncelAWHC's solutions to wild burro problems
7:00 PMMichelle KoleCompassion fatigue