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Donkey Foal Okay!!! It is finally here!
This is the entire series of talks at the 2020 Donkey Welfare Symposium, beamed to you from UC Davis, and Australia, and Kenya, and Ethiopia, and Norway, and England, and so on….All virtual and all thought provoking and informative. Besides the talks and following Q and A sessions, there is also a number of Bonus Features on donkey handling and training featuring Cindy and her long eared friends. Thanks Dawn Perrine for putting this all together for distribution on Vimeo and to Danh Vuong of UC Davis Academic Technology Services for making the Zoom recordings. Please share this widely, for the sake of donkeys and their continued welfare. When you look at these presentations you will see that the very survival of many wonderful wild creatures is dependent on getting the word out.
Alert: We are planning for next year right now and you can expect news on The Donkey Welfare Symposium 2021 to be coming soon! Please feel free to contact me with comments, questions, concerns, or anything donkey at Dr. Eric Davis.

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Donkey Welfare Symposium Videos!

Topics include quality of life and welfare assessment, training donkeys to improve their chances of being adopted, preventative veterinary care, common external parasites, dental disease and advanced dentistry, donkey reproduction, psychology and cognition, feed analysis and nutrition, fitting and balancing donkey driven vehicles, and, even, donkey milk production the health benefits of drinking donkey milk. The information is presented by a team of internationally recognized scientists, veterinarians, engineers, and trainers, all of whom are dedicated to making the lives of donkeys better around the world.

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Without the invaluable support, contributions, and grants from sponsors, our progress would not be sustainable.

The University of California Davis, Department of Animal Science

The International Animal Welfare Training Institute at the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine

The Donkey Sanctuary

T.K. Glide Foundation



Visit our site resources page for a wealth of reports and guides on everything from behavior and nutrition to fitting your donkey for a harness.

Many of these resources are available for download as pdf.

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Started by Eric & Cindy Davis in 2010, the RVETS mission is to promote quality and affordable veterinary care in under served rural areas in the USA and abroad, while providing veterinary students with practical experience and training in the medicine and surgery of horses and other animals. Exposing students to the needs of these communities we hope to encourage future veterinarians to choose rural service as a career.

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2020 Schedule

We regret that the 2020 Donkey Welfare Symposium will be entirely by Webinar and the wonderful social connections and good times of previous years just won’t be possible. Please be patient and put the dates on your calendar, as there will still be cutting edge information that is critical to the welfare of donkeys everywhere.

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